THC Infused Tapas Pack

The Tapas Pack offerings:

Each Dynamic Duo pack includes 1x 30ml bottle of Infused Olive Oil and 1x 30ml bottle of Garlic Chili Oil, containing 5mg of THC in each bottle, for a total of 10mg THC per pack.

How to use:

Farm & Florist’s Olive Oil and Garlic Chili Oil is a versatile ingredient that can bring both flavour and wellness benefits to your meals. Made with fresh olives and infused with cannabis, our olive oil is cold-pressed to retain the olives’ natural flavor and healthy properties. Its mild, fruity flavor makes it perfect for dressings, marinades, and sauces as it adds a subtle and nuanced flavor to any dish. Our Garlic Chili Oil should be a staple in every kitchen. That’s why we’ve crafted it to be versatile enough to use in a variety of dishes – from marinades and stir-fries to dips and pasta toppings. Make it your go-to for adding bold, spicy flavor to your meals.  Keep in mind, it’s not recommended for high-heat cooking methods such as sautéing or frying, as the cannabis will break down at high temperatures.

Our Cannabis Oil:

We take quality seriously. That’s why we only source our cannabis oil from Health Canada licensed producers, ensuring that every batch is in compliance with the Cannabis Act regulations. Our cannabis oil is rigorously tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and THC levels by third-party accredited laboratories to ensure safety for consumption.