THC Infused Honey Duo

Introducing the Farm & Florist THC Infused Honey Duo, an exquisite pairing that brings the essence of nature’s sweetness to your table. This duo features our Vanilla Honey, a golden nectar infused with the delicate, aromatic essence of vanilla. Alongside, experience the bold and tantalizing heat of our Hot Honey, a daring blend that combines the natural sweetness of honey with a fiery kick, ideal for drizzling over pizza, glazing your BBQ dishes, or adding a spicy-sweet note to your favorite cocktails.

THC Infused Honey Duo Servings: 

Each THC Infused Honey Duo pack includes 1x jar of Vanilla Honey and 1x jar of Hot Honey, crafted to transform ordinary dishes into culinary experiences. Our Vanilla Honey is a gentle, sweet embrace, while our Hot Honey brings a lively zest, offering versatility and delight in every spoonful.

How to use:

Savor the rich, fragrant Vanilla Honey as a natural sweetener in your beverages, as a spread for your morning toast, or as a glaze for desserts, adding a sophisticated vanilla twist. Embrace the adventurous side with our Hot Honey, perfect for adding a spicy-sweet dimension to meats, cheeses, and even your favorite ice cream. Each honey is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavor, promising to elevate your meals and treats with its distinctive character. Whether you’re seeking comfort or excitement, the Farm & Florist Honey Duo is your gateway to a world of flavorful possibilities.

Our Cannabis Oil:

We take quality seriously. That’s why we only source our cannabis oil from Health Canada licensed producers, ensuring that every batch is in compliance with the Cannabis Act regulations. Our cannabis oil is rigorously tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and THC levels by third-party accredited laboratories to ensure safety for consumption.