THC Infused Honey Beef Tartare by The Herbal Chef (Gary Nguyen) as seen on Mix Vancouver (Serves 2)

beef dressing:

Tamari sauce 175g
shallots (brunoise) 15g
lime juice 50g
honey 100g
beef scrap 25g
unsalted butter 5g
salt 1tsp

1) rough chop beef scraps into small 1/2 inch cuts

2) remove any excess silver skin

3) bring a cask iron pan to high heat, quickly add the butter and sear beef until golden brown.

4) transfer to a blender and add tamari, lime juice, honey and blend for 30 seconds.

5) pour into a mixing bowl and fold in the shallots.

6) cover at room temperature for 20 mins to allow the shallot to steep before seasoning any additional salt.

7) transfer to an air-tight container .

candied pumpkin seed:

pumpkin seed 225g
sugar 120g
water 120g
bay leaves 1/2.ea
espelette 1/2tsp


1) toast the pumpkin seed until golden brown.

2) In a separate pot add the sugar and water and bring to a boil

3) place bay leaf into the syrup and pumpkin seed

4) cook for approximately 5-10 on medium high heat. carefully watch the sugar as it
changes color

5) In a separate pot add the grapeseed oil and bring up to 375’F

6) fry the seed and carefully with a spider, lay them on a lined sheet tray and
separate each seed to prevent sticking.

7) lightly sprinkle espelette pepper and allow 20 mins to cool.

Pickled red onions:

red onion (sliced) 1 ea
sugar 56g
white vinegar 56g
coriander seed (1 tsp)
black peppercorn (1 tsp)


1) In a small sauce pot bring vinegar, sugar, coriander and black peppercorn to a boil.

2) chill over a double bowl with ice on the bottom

3) Place onions in a small air tight container and pour sweet pickling liquid. Allow to marinate for at least two hours before usage.

Beef tartare:

beef (small bruniose) 180g
shallots (minced) 7.5g
parsley (finely chopped) 4g
beef dressing (see above) 45g


in a small bowl add the bruniose beef, shallots, parsley and beef dressing and mix.

Finish and Presentation:

baguette (slices) 6ea
candied pumpkin seeds 60g
kholrabi (slices) 6ea

1) place one spoon full of beef in the center of each plates

2) fold 6 shaved kholrabi sheets into baquet to cover beef

3) sprinkle a pitch of candied pumpkin seed

4) a few pieces of pickled shallots and garnish with fin herbs